Wander Lust

OMG, we made it! Took long enough though. Just under 13 hours! The first thing we did was brush our teeth with the water, OOPS! Then Elle did it again, OOPS! Good start.

So, here we are going to blog about our China adventures. For those of you who don’t know the sched (aka “schedule”, abbrevs!), we will be in China for 10 months total. The first three weeks will be spent in Shanghai while we complete a TESL-like training course. We’re staying just outside the city, basically the suburbs of Shanghai, at the Shanghai University’s Jiadong campus. We will be studying with the other 20 or so American teachers as well so hopefully we can make some good friends during this time. After we complete training we are heading west to the Anhui University of Technology in Ma’anshan in the Anhui Province. Two other American teachers, Adrie and Alicia, will be joining us in Ma’anshan as well as a mystery teacher from Australia. We plan on becoming best friends with her so we can visit her down under! We will begin teaching around September but what and who we will be teaching remains a mystery as of now. But, no worries we have found sha lung bao aka bun filled with wonderfulness or a yummy ball of goodness. Our lovies are going to love these!

Once we get into a swing of things, (If this is even possible! We can hardly function with the excessive amount of sweat we are producing at the moment. Silly humidity), we plan to travel all over China as well as Southeast Asia and Japan (Elle also needs to go back to her roots). As for China, we hopefully will get to Chengdu to see the pandas. One of the other teachers said that you can pay 500 to hold a panda and 1000 to hold a baby panda. We think this is a necessary purchase. Also, Kunming, Yunnan so see the Stone forest; Guilin for the Li river, Beijing (obvi, Allyson really wants to go on the Alpine slide down the Great Wall); Hangzhou; possibily Harbin to see the city made of ice sculptures; and finally Hong Kong (shopping duh)! Outside of China, we want to visit Sa Pa, Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam; Chang Mai, Krabi and Koh Samui, Thailand; Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and Laos just to name a few.

Warning parents and AU: We are currently experiencing Asian baby fever! They are so cute and we want to bring them all home.

So, basically we have some big plans (and possibly some big purchases)! Sorry, Greg! We had a minor meltdown when we first arrived but after a great night of sleep we feel ready to take on anything! As long as we have deodorant because holy moly we smell like wet pandas! Zuo Zuo (that means “smelly” in Chinese)! Hope you all enjoy reading our blog! Feel free to live vicariously through us! Love and miss you all!

Zai Jian, Allyson and Elle

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1 Response to Wander Lust

  1. rsweeney79 says:

    It’s ok to use tap water to rinse your teeth. Just spit it out. Probably drinking a little bit each day will help your body build up an immunity. It’s not “bad” water, just different!

    Papa Sweeney

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