Happy Chinese Valentines Day

Our first full day in China happened to fall on Chinese Valentines Day. Elle asked me to be her Valentine, I said yes because I don’t really know anyone else. ūüôā We ate some of our first Chinese street food and already have a few favorites, I even had some pork dumplings and they were pretty tasty I’ll have to admit. We meandered through the “Wet Market” and saw everything from veggies, fruit, chicken feet, eggs of all shapes, sizes and colors, eels you name it. After dinner with our group we wandered in Old Town to a park were Chinese Valentines Day¬†festivities¬†were taking place. People of all ages were out and about roller skating, Chinese line-dancing, and setting off lanterns into the sky. Elle and I constantly looking for any excuse to dance attempted to join in on the Chinese line-dancing. If you ask me we are¬†practically pro already!

We had our initiation into Chinese drinking with our first taste of bai jiu. For those of you who havent had it… its worst than¬†cheapest¬†tequila¬†or¬†unfiltered¬†vodka. ‘ cheap and for a good reason. Lets just say I am in no rush to drink that again anytime soon.

Here are some pictures from our first day!

Miss everyone, Ally

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