Pictures from the Yuyuan Garden

Here are a few of my pictures from the beautiful gardens. It is crazy to see this lush, picturesque ponds and impeccably detailed houses in the midst of massive Shanghai skyscrapers.

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2 Responses to Pictures from the Yuyuan Garden

  1. Dina says:

    Wow. Did you study photography? I assume most of these shots are Allyson’s – I noticed the awesome-looking camera she was carrying around. This is this first time I have seen your blog – Alicia gave me the link. These are some amazing shots. Thanks for posting on wordpress! (I couldn’t access Zach’s blog without a vpn, but I suspect he is not as photographically talented).
    How is Ma’anshan?
    – Dina

    • Allyson says:

      Hey Dina,
      Yeah I took photography for two years, it has always been a little passion of mine. Glad you liked the pics! Ma’anshan is good! I actually still haven’t started teaching yet so I can’t complain about my four week paid vacation lol. How is your neck of the woods?! Do anything excited for moon cake day :)?

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