We Paid To Get Beat Up

There are a lot of waiguo ren (foreigners aka white people) in China for numerous different reasons. Some come to learn a new language and culture, some are running from commitment or the economy back home, and some might be searching for meaning in their life. While most of us can justify being in all three categories, Elle and I have added one more category to the list of reasons to be in China… To pamper ourselves… hehe, JK but really. So first order of business was to get a massage. After such a long plane ride and beds that feel like they are made of concrete, a massage was must! We went to the massage place close by and let’s just say the experience was by no means clean, relaxing, soothing, peaceful(which ever words you want to use to describe an American massage) it was none of the above. The place is fairly dirty and dark and quite musky… But hey it is China.

We had our friend determine the price and drum roll please…. 30 KUAI FOR ONE HOUR. Holy moly I couldn’t believe my ears, mostly because I had no idea what they were saying.

Elle had never had a massage before this and it was quite the massage (if you could call it that). More or less we were slapped, punched, stretched, and jiggled for an entire hour. Elle was cringing and making funny noises as her massage woman was breaking her neck attempting to get out a knot. Although everyone was quite shocked at their “massage” everyone felt good after leaving and felt even better about the price tag. The following is a picture of the bruise I have almost a week later that resulted from the massage.

Haha oh China

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