Looking for a football player…with a BMW

And here is the picture I drew of Allyson. Tim, our ESL instructor, teaches our morning class where we learn teaching techniques and he demonstrates sample lessons. For this assignment, Tim asked each of us to draw a picture of our best friend. With pictures in hand, we were then told to stand up and find our best friend a mate. So we then walked around the room asking others to tell us about their best friend. If we found someone we thought our friend might be interested, we then had to sell (not literally) our friend to that person. It was like playing Cupid in an ESL classroom. Unfortunately, I could not find a match for Allyson (ironic I know!). We ended up settling for the same boyfriend, Matt the frisbee playing, big calfed hunk from Alaska! Don’t be jel.

Notice her asian bun, Jeffrey Campbells, and new Longchamp bag. Copyright Elle Sweeney

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