Boxing Cat Brewery

A couple of nights ago our group went down to the French Concession to one of the only breweries in China to celebrate Stuart’s birthday. After two weeks of straight Chinese food everyone was craving a little taste of home. I think Elle died and went to heaven when she received her plate of loaded nachos. To top it off, she was able to have some real beer (IPAs and whatnot) to accompany her plate of deliciousness. I think we emptied over have a bottle of ketchup with the sweet potato fries I ordered. It was so nice to have some american tasting food and to have our waiters speak English, so we knew exactly what we were ordering, instead of finding the surprise bacon strips in my tofu dish 🙂

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1 Response to Boxing Cat Brewery

  1. Chris says:

    Alchies! What were the stacked things that look like french toast sticks? They look frickin good!!

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