Our New Home

Yesterday Elle and I arrived in Ma’anshan and moved into our apartments on Anhui University of Technology’s campus. We were pleasantly surprised with how pretty the campus is with treelined streets and gardens. We each have a kitchen stocked with a refrigerator (although Elle’s smelt like something had died in it and mine had a couple of bushes of mold), a small sink, and a gas stove. Our bathrooms have a toilet, sink and “shower” (I use quotes because it really isn’t a shower, more like a shower head in the middle of bathroom with no shower curtain or tub… so the water splashed everywhere and drains at around 2.5 cups per hour). We also both have an office with various furniture and knick knacks. I am pretty sure Elle is working on a post with more details about the living situation so I’ll leave the rest for her to describe when she can get on the internet (one of the numerous things not working in her place.)

As for our first day in our new city… ha it was entertaining nonetheless. We woke up fairly early because Elle’s air conditioning was supposed to get fixed between 8 and 9. They didn’t deliver the unit until 11 but then informed us that someone wouldn’t be here to install it until 2, and that Elle shouldn’t leave until they get here. So we sat around most of the day waiting for the air conditioning unit to be installed. I think I watched an entire season of Hardtime today.

Finally around 2:30 we headed to Walmart (yes we have a Walmart), to buy stuff for our apartments and by stuff I mean cleaning supplies. Only bringing our small backpacks to carry our purchases home in, I of course needed to buy everything in site, making Elle carry some of my stuff for me. After failing to remember how to say our university’s name in Chinese, we had to forgo the taxi ride and hop on the bus back to campus. At this point it was 5:30 and we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast (aka we were both so hungry we could not function or communicate with each other which made for deciding where to eat quite a struggle). Ultimately we decided on a sushi place near campus.

The menu had no english or pictures so I pointed at a roll on the counter which looked more or less like a california roll and said we want two. We treck back to our apartment, up six flights of stairs, backpacks and arms full of Walmart purchases, so excited to eat our sushi! Of course this is China and it can’t be that easy… We ended up with fake shrimp, fake egg, dried fluffy meat roll. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! At this point Elle gives me the stink eye and looks like she wants to kill me. So we cross the street to the cafeteria for a quick bit to eat. The cafeteria also only has a few pictures of food so I proceed to randomly ask people what they are eating and order some eggplant, dumplings and noodles, which could have all easily just been labeled a plate of MSG.

We will post pictures soon, I just thought I would give everyone a quick update! Hope you can enjoying laughing at our China adventures cause that is what we have to keep doing. Oh China 🙂


PS This happened in our city not to long ago.


Say it with me… OH CHINA


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