Elle’s New Home

Here are some pictures of my new apartment. It looks clean now but believe me,  I put a lot of elbow grease into scrubbing every inch of it yesterday. And then what do I find? A COCKROACH ewwwwwww! I had to stand on my toilet while screaming and smash it with my running shoe while Allyson stood close by screaming as well. Nasty! Allyson’s apartment is pretty much the same with a little different lay-out. And she has a couch. But it smells funny. Oh, and mine’s cleaner because I’m the best.

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1 Response to Elle’s New Home

  1. rsweeney79 says:

    Wow, looks like a really nice apartment. Must be pretty new also. Probably would be big enough for a Chinese family of at least 4! Lucky!

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