My Chinese Birthday

Twenty-two years old. My day started out very relaxing, Elle was teaching so I stumbled around on the internet for awhile and made my way to the gym for a nice but sweaty work out. It baffles me how in an entire gym I am the only one breaking a sweat. But I made my way back home to Facetime with my family in Hawaii for my cousins wedding, my grandma was blown away that she can see my face halfway around the world.

Elle surprised me with a pokemon looking stuffed animal which all the Chinese girls has, I think it symbolizes no crying or something… its hilarious looking. We ate a nice lunch of leftovers and then headed down the hair salon across the street. Elle wanted to go blonde with bangs and I just wanted a few more highlights but nothing drastic. Adrie who lives below us came along and got a perm which turned out adorable (after she was electircally plugged into a machine… picture to come.)

It took us about 30 min and a phone call to semi communicate to the hair dressers what we wanted done. Although, thinking back on it that should have been a waving red flag right there. Nevertheless we dove right in and let the Chinese hairdressers do their thing… Long story short I now look like a pumpkin… orange hair for days. Elle’s blonde look good although she might want to touch it up a bit but my hair is ummmmm awful (to put it nicely haha) This is what we foreigners call a CHINA FAIL. A China fail is when something just doesn’t go the way you intended due to numerous reasons. This is definitely the biggest China fail I have had yet.


Thank goodness Elle is the bestest friend ever and bought me a Hello Kitty headband to match the China orange hair color I now don. I fit right into the Chinese fashion scene with my orange hair and Hello Kitty accessory. The head of the student union got me a little fish for my birthday and I named him Tangy ( in honor of my new hair color).

It was definitely a fun and entertaining birthday… Elle has the pictures of my Chinese cool whip birthday cake and me in my Hello Kitty headband she’ll post later. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.



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