Lazy Day

Off from classes today. Well, I guess Allyson is off everyday but anyways. Made a light breakfast of eggs, yogurt, and a banana as I do most everyday. I only have a wok so I have to cook the eggs in this pan. Wok’s get so hot though so I can never wake an over-easy egg because it cooks too fast. And it has this charred taste that I can’t decide if I like or not. I miss eating my favorite two breakfasts – scrambled eggs with ham or a ham, cheese, and egg breakfast sandwich on sourdough bread. 😦

After breakfast, I answered emails from my students. One, in particular, asked me to help her come up with a Chinese name so I spent about 45 minutes skimming through a baby names website trying to find a name to fit her “shy, dependent, and simple-minded” personality. It’s interesting trying to find a good “American” name because there really are no strictly “American” names. Everything has either a Germanic, French, Greek, Latin, Spanish, etc. root. I liked reading the meanings of the names. All Chinese names have meaning so the students want to find english names with good meanings behind them. It’s funny because I feel like must Americans do not know what their names really mean. I didn’t until today. Apparently my name means “she” in French. Super creative, huh? Thanks mom and dad! Just kidding, I love my name. It was difficult for me to sort through the name banks because all of the names I liked were either Arabic, Greek, or Indian. My favorite name was “Aisha” which is Arabic for “Alive” or “She who lives.” I sent my student about 15 choices ranging from “Addie” which means “noble kind” to “Rosalinda” which means “tender or shy horse.” I think she will like the meaning of the name “Mildred.” Although I am not particularly fond of this english name, it means “gentle strength” and I think that will be a good fit for this girl. I wonder what I will name my own daughter someday. I’ve always wanted to name one of my daughters “Orissa,” which is a state in India, but after reading all these names today, I think I want to find a beautiful name with a good meaning behind it. Who knows though. I guess I have a long (LONG) time to think it over.

I’ve also started reading my students’ first homework assignment. For my business english class, I asked each kid to write 500 words telling me about themselves, why they are learning english, and what they would like to learn about business. I have 95 to read and have gotten through about 10 so far but I love reading each one. I wish I could put a name to a face but it’s nice to get to know my students a little.

Allyson and I have been making great stir-fries and here’s a picture of the one we made for lunch today – eggplant, onions, snap peas, carrots, and our new favorite mushrooms.

Here are some of the books I’m using to plan my lessons and a couple of the notebooks we picked up at the store. They are all ridiculous. And here is a brochure from the kindergarten I might be tutoring at. I went and taught a sample lesson and it was the cutest thing ever! Kindergartens are like the new “thing” in China. All these kindergarten franchises are popping up around the country and parents are paying big bucks to get their only children into the schools.

And here are some pieces of home I put up on my wall. Miss you all!

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1 Response to Lazy Day

  1. rsweeney79 says:

    500 word essay the first day. In their second language. Man, you’re a tough teacher!

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