Shanghai National Day

As for posting, I think I am going to leave the writing to Elle for a bit because currently I am losing my English. Formulating sentences longer than five words has become quite a challenge. Don’t even get me started on my spelling/handwriting. (My students had to inform me that I spelled cities wrong… I wrote “sites” on the board.) After two months, yes we have been here for two months (crazy I know), I feel as if my speech is starting to mimmic the Chinese grammar or lack there of. Haha we will see what I sound like come July… maybe I will have to go back to English class. If only Chinese was filling the gaps the English is leaving in my head 🙂 But don’t worry Mommy and Daddy, I am perfectly capable to bargaining for shoes in Chinese… ya know the important stuff.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our fun packed weekend in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Museum

Relaxing at the Hyatt

Elle’s coffee in Taikang Lanes

Shanghai Urban Planning Museum (Shanghai model)

Hot Pot

Ha best Chinglish (Chinese-English) yet

Roasted Chestnuts (Our new favorite)

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