High Tech Chinese Pencil Sharpener

This week I am having my students design their own family crest to present to each other. This gets the students creativity flowing which they don’t often get to express in the Chinese educational system and reduces my TTT (teacher talking time…always a goal of mine during the lesson 🙂 My throat hurts after lecturing too much. ) I brought a bunch of colored pencils to class for them to use and was really excited about this activity. But of course, Chinese colored pencils do not come sharped, thank goodness Elle mentioned bringing a sharpener to class. So just before class I walked to the convenient store and bought this cute, nifty, pink sharpener for 10 kuai (the Hello Kitty one was too expensive.) It’s about as old fashioned as a pencil sharper can be but I can’t complain, after all it says “Coffee Bunny” on it. Here are some of the students’ family crests. Many of them drew really great pictures and had extremely insightful meaning behind each of part of the design.

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2 Responses to High Tech Chinese Pencil Sharpener

  1. teach them accounting. all the chinese kids in my class are go crazy for that sorta thing.

    • Allyson says:

      that would require me to know accounting…( and I am pretty sure I online shopped during almost every accounting class)

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