Living the Dream

Please someone pinch us…

My sister Amanda is studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the semester. My parents and youngest sister are going to visit her for a week during Thanksgiving and guess who will be joining them?! Elle and I just booked tickets to join them for the week touring Italy, drinking delicious wine (grape wine, the good stuff… not Chinese wine), and eating pizza and cheese (Elle’s favorites). I am so excited to see my family and even more excited to bring Elle to Italy for the week to become an honorary Lee. One more girl to add to the family 🙂

We are so blessed to have an opportunity to travel like this… I don’t think I am going to like coming back to the US and not have the money to just book a flight to Europe. Counting down the days till I get to see my seesters!

Check out Amanda’s blog documenting her study abroad adventures.

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2 Responses to Living the Dream

  1. rsweeney79 says:

    Hmm, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Hope Italy doesn’t get typhoons!

  2. mschristiner says:

    So lucky! Have fun. Milan is beautiful and so is Cinque Terre. I enjoyed every moment when I was there.

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