Chinese and Taking Tests

This past week of teaching I gave my students a six question quiz on the movie The Queen. When we watched the movie I told the students they can take notes and use them on the quiz, although I don’t think any of them took notes past the movie title. Chinese students are notorious for cheating/¬†plagiarizing. Elle has found multiple papers that have been taken off the internet and I experienced the most blunt cheating last week. After telling the students to put their cell phones away, I found around 4-5 students looking up answers on wikipedia. (I’m sure there were more) It’s funny because they would be down looking at their phone for quite awhile and I would just stand there and wait for them to notice me standing over their shoulder. Once they finally realized I saw them, they would quickly try and put their phone away like I didn’t see anything. After class, one girl came up and said that she is allowed to look up answers in all of her other classes so she thought it was ok. Another boy said that he was just double checking his answers and he already knew them. Haha they must think I was born in 1889 not 1989. I could have made a small fortune with all the cell phones I collected during class.

This next week I am teaching my students about Halloween, which should be really fun. Elle and I bought witch hats to wear during class. I also bought a bunch of “White Rabbits” to give to the students. White Rabbits are a frosting tasting Chinese candy which are actually really good, most Chinese candy just looks odd.

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