Iphone Pics

Here are a few pictures I have been collecting on my phone while we have been in China. I realize that I have snapped a few pictures of Chinese people and this is extremely hypocritical because I hate when Chinese take random pictures of me… but hey when in China do what the Chinese do 🙂

Our tutor and new friend Joyce (on the right)

Pork’s Blood…yumm! I make Elle try everything adventurous

Smoking and drinking beer in the school cafeteria…?

Jeans, normal bra, and a rice crispy treat (never a normal day at the gym)


Late night snack

We get excited when we find anything from the US

Whiskey in a soccer cleat… of course we had to take a picture

Welcome to China aka Herro Kitty

China sunset from the East Campus


The Bund

Date Night

We miss everyone back at home. Hope everyone is going well and has a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We leave for Italy to meet up with my family on Friday. I can not explain how excited I am to be able to see them. So blessed! We have also begun to book our Spring Festival travels… Looks like we are heading to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali and New Zealand. Still not able to wrap our heads around our life right now, six countries in three months!

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