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Student Association Christmas Show

The students on my campus sang/acted/danced for a Christmas show. The foreign teachers were guests of honor were we received candy, Santa Hats, apples and yes two hard boiled eggs.  We wish we could be home for the white Christmas Colorado … Continue reading

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More of my freshmen students

Here are the other halves of my freshmen classes. I love them. i’ve been receiving a few emails from students telling me that they are really excited that I will be teaching them again next semester. And you know what? … Continue reading

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Final Examinations

My students just finished taking their final examinations today. I’ve graded all my Business English tests and the students did great for the most part. A couple girls got 98%. And even Eminem, who has a 68% for participation because … Continue reading

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Last Week

Last week was my last week of teaching this semester! For my final I had the students get into groups and create a tourism commercial for an English speaking country. They could either make a commercial for the country as … Continue reading

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My Little Kittens

Here are the pictures of my students this semester. I taught 8 Culture of English Speaking Countries to a mix of freshman and sophomores who are both English and non-English majors.

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Vote or Die!

Hello Fans! This week, you have a chance to become a part of my fabulous life in China. No, sorry I’m not offering a free vacation to Thailand (unless you are Kyle Huus) but you CAN participate in my public … Continue reading

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Service Person and a Funeral

I am writing tonight to tell you about a couple of funny/odd China experiences I have had this week. Both of these instances have involved me somewhat blending into Chinese society… until I open my mouth. Being half-Chinese has always made … Continue reading

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