Italian Vacation and Winter in Ma’anshan

This week has been a real taste of China winter for Elle and I. Temperatures have dropped below freezing I think… My lack of mental math skills really hinder by ability to roughly convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. To make matters worse, most buildings (more specifically our classrooms) do not have heat. And on top of that Chinese people, no matter the temperature, love to keep the windows open for some “fresh” air. I use the term fresh loosely keeping in mind we live in a permanent cloud of smog. Thank goodness for the heater in my apartment and the long underwear my mommy sent me.

I have become slightly accustomed to the squatty pottys I must use everyday while on campus… until this week. Squatting while going to the bathroom is quite awkward to begin with but then add a couple more layers of clothes to keep track of while making sure nothing touches the ground is another story. NEVER LET ANYTHING TOUCH CHINA GROUND, trust me. On top of the layers add a freezing cold draft coming from the open windows in the bathroom. It is really cold on your behind! ( Sorry if this is too much information for some people… maybe I should put a disclaimer at the top 🙂 )

Nevertheless, Elle and I are sad to be back from our Italian adventure but very excited for our upcoming three months. From December 27th to February 14th Elle and I will be traveling to Vietnam, Thailand, Bali and New Zealand for some much needed beach time! I have one more week of teaching and one week of finals while Elle will finish the following week.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays back at home… We participated in Black Friday all the way from China, both Elle and I bought each other Christmas presents from one of our favorite shoe websites. We couldn’t pass up an additional 40% off! We shipped the shoes to our houses in the US and eagerly await to wear them come June?! Hehe We still need a little taste of Christmas over here. But don’t worry, the Glee Christmas CD has been downloaded and will soon be on repeat.

Here are some more pictures from Italy with my family.

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