Final Examinations

My students just finished taking their final examinations today. I’ve graded all my Business English tests and the students did great for the most part. A couple girls got 98%. And even Eminem, who has a 68% for participation because he has ditched almost all of my classes and didn’t do either group projects, got an A on his test. AND I watched him the whole time to make sure he wasn’t cheating and, surprisingly, he wasn’t! Reminds me of another asian boy genius I know that never came to class but always got A’s on everything (cough Dale). Actually no one could really cheat on these tests. There are two teachers monitoring the whole time and the students have to sit 3 seats apart from each other (I had to split my 90 person class into two rooms and get an extra two teachers to monitor). Then they had to put all of their backpacks and stuff up front (on the dirty China floor haha – they were not happy) and then we passed out two versions of the test. Erin and I looked at China fashion magazines the whole time. Only a couple students tried to butter me up in their essays (“I love you Elle!”). Oh, and I also got paid to be a monitor for my own test. WTF. China, you are so random.

This morning I gave my sophomores their final examination. The room was freezing like usual because there is no heat in any of the classrooms. All my kids where wearing coats, mittens, ear warmers (bunny ear warmers, HelloKitty ear warmers, ducks, angry birds, etc.) and hats (panda hats). Now all I have to do is finish grading all 76 tests and then I’m home free! Woo hoo, 7 week vacation here I come!

I’m getting some really interesting answers already for the Society and Culture class. For instance, I asked the students to “name three states in the US”. Here are some of their responses:

Hawirr, Washington, Ellae (me?)

New York, San Francisco, Washington DC

Washington D.C., New Jersey, Chicago

Washington, New York, Ditriot

Ohio, New York, Hawatti

Alasc, Chicago, Welloy

Ohio, Washington, Macigo

Francisco (only one answer? Really? And that’s a city – well, almost)

Alaska, California, Atlanta

Alasgan, Florida, Georguilia

Alaska. Hawiee, HonoLuLu

New Tersh, Washton, Alaska

San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Washington

Washington, Ohio, Taxes

New York, Washington DC, Huston

Washington, Canana

New York, Wishington, Califoreria

Carfenio, Floroda, Minleysuda, San Francisco

North America, South America, Latain America (um….?)

Alabama, New York City, Georgia (You literally wrote “city.” Come on, seriously?)

Hawaii, Mississippi (spelled right!), Washington

Alska, Hawail, Halloween (yeah…)

Alaska, Washton, Oheo

Califorlia, Florida, New Mexcow, Utah

Washington, Alaska, New Jewry (Shout out Elie!)

England, Scotland, Wales (Wow.)

Hawaii, Ohio, Presbyean (Why did everyone write “Ohio?” Of all the states you could pick??)

So yeah…I think I might need to review that lesson again. Maybe I should teach them the state song or something…I will probably accept most of these answers (except Halloween) because Lord knows I couldn’t name, much less spell, the provinces of China. And don’t feel bad laughing at their answers. They laugh at my broken Chinese all day. We are pretty much just mutual entertainment to each other.

By the way, here is a picture of the printed tests that each student must write on. Really working hard on those environmental protection policies aren’t you China…um no.

Test papers compared to a normal size paper (x6 one-sided pages for every student – 170 students total)

Silly, willy China. You so funny.

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