Last Week

Last week was my last week of teaching this semester! For my final I had the students get into groups and create a tourism commercial for an English speaking country. They could either make a commercial for the country as a whole or pick a particular site or product from a country to advertise. I wanted my students to film the commercial to show in class although a majority of them do  not have access to a video camera so they performed in front of the class. Although I did have a couple of groups record their commercials and I have uploaded them for your viewing pleasure. One is for Irish Coffee and the other is for an Australian Purple Shell??

After finals I told the students they can email me if they would like to know their final grade. This has been way more entertaining than I thought it would be. I received an email from Broken Black, one of my few sophomore students. His full name is Broken Black Beauty although throughout the course of the semester I have slowly windled down his name to a “more normal” English name of Broken Black. Haha I know, baby steps. Here is the email he sent me asking for his grade.

They are so funny!

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