Chengdu… Home of the Pandas and all things SPICY

This weekend Elle and I ventured over to the Sichuan province to the west of us to the city of Chengdu. Chengdu is the fifth most populated city in China with 13 million people. Chengdu is located in the Southwest of China close to the Tibet border and is most famous for the pandas and spicy food. Chengdu was also the first city to began to issue the world’s first paper money way back when… crazy!

The sichuan pepper (what makes all their food so spicy, numbing, and eye burning) is put in a lot of the different food found there. We took a cooking class at our hostel to learn how to cook some Sichuan food… Ours ended up tasting not even half as good as the cook’s because we didn’t want to put MSG in ours. We made Mapo Dofu (spicy tofu), Yueshang xiezi (spicy eggplant), and twice cooked pork.