“Teacher Lee, you are such a good cook!”

This week in my Oral English classes I have been teaching my students about American food. At the beginning of the semester I asked my students what they wanted to learn from me and American food topped the list of most of the students, so I figured I could teach them a little more about what America has to offer… other than KFC, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut! Elle had some boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese so I traded her some Chocolate Almond Butter in order to whip up some tasty home cooking for my little kittens.

After a brief overview of everything from bagels to baked potatoes, I gave them a presentation on “How to make Macaroni and Cheese” and then gave each student a little bit to try. Knowing that Chinese typically do not like cheese, I was interested in what they would think of this all-American dish. Some of the reactions I received from my kids were um entertaining.

“Teacher, I have an organ in my body with a tight line. I think that thing has much oil. I cannot eat it.”

“This is hen hao chi (very good food)”

“Teacher you made this all by yourself? I think that is very special.”

This was the best one…

“Miss Lee. I think that Chinese food has much salt. This has no salt in it. I think it needs salt.” (In my head I am thinking, “No salt in Kraft Mac and Cheese…hehehe”)

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