Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai

My mom and sister came over during Amanda’s spring break to explore some of what the PRC has to offer. Quite a different climate than when my dad came in January, China is currently in bloom! All of the fruit trees blossoming make for a nice backdrop while touring China. We met them up in Beijing to site see and shop! How can you go to Beijing and not go shopping?!? The first morning in Beijing Auntie Wan and I took them to the Forbidden City, then on a rickshaw tour through the old streets of Beijing. This was pretty fascinating, we even got to see where Mao lived. Crazy. I was more interested in the bird cages hanging from the trees (but we all know that is because I am a bird woman.)  After that we met up with Elle for some shopping at the Pearl Market!

Day 2 consisted of the Great Wall and more shopping… duh! The Wall was such a treat having clear skies and warm weather. The trip was made even more special because my mom brought Nanny’s (my Grandma) ashes all the way to China to spread on the Wall. Love you and miss you Nanny, now you have been to China 🙂

After Beijing, we headed down to Xian to see the Terracota Warriors. This was pretty incredible seeing all of the soliders warriors being uncovered. Supposedly there are some 6,000 warriors, each with a different facial expression. These were all made for the burial of one emperor. But the real highlight of Xian was after dinner we wandered through a square near the hotel. At night in China, there are usually a group of older women (sometimes men) who gather together to dance. Amanda and my mom were lucky enough to be chosen by two lovely, short, bushy eyebrow Chinese men to dance in the circle!

The last stop on the tour was Shanghai for a one day quick run through of my favorite city in China. We ventured down Nanjing Lu to the Peace Hotel for drinks, went to the Yu Yuan Gardens, and walked through the French Concession and Taikang Lanes.

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