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Pandas in the Morning Time, Pandas in the Hot Sun Shine

Bear Cats. Meow. Advertisements

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Recent conversations with my Chinese students.

Recent Conversations with my Chinese students… Our students like to talk to us whenever they get the chance, although many are nervous because they think their English skills are poor. Today, however, I made about 10 spelling errors in my … Continue reading

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More of my freshmen students

Here are the other halves of my freshmen classes. I love them. i’ve been receiving a few emails from students telling me that they are really excited that I will be teaching them again next semester. And you know what? … Continue reading

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Final Examinations

My students just finished taking their final examinations today. I’ve graded all my Business English tests and the students did great for the most part. A couple girls got 98%. And even Eminem, who has a 68% for participation because … Continue reading

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Vote or Die!

Hello Fans! This week, you have a chance to become a part of my fabulous life in China. No, sorry I’m not offering a free vacation to Thailand (unless you are Kyle Huus) but you CAN participate in my public … Continue reading

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More Commercials

Puzzles:   Gloves:    Anti-Fuzzing and Piling Machine:  

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Uploaded some the commercials to Vimeo. Check them out. Anywhere Shoes: GOOD Bags: Maxam Lotion: Honey Cup: Battery-powered Rechargeable Lamps: Hope you like them!

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